Splashdot is the preeminent provider of Canadian lottery loyalty programs, contests and online promotions with ambitious plans to expand into the U.S. lottery market.

For the last 17 years, SplashDot has worked with the Atlantic Lottery (AL). “We started helping AL build a strong online customer base in 2003 in preparation for their launch of iGaming in 2004,” stated SplashDot founder and CEO Patrick Watson. “Being the first lottery in North America to launch its suite of lottery products online, AL needed a strong base with which to launch. This is what they achieved by actively engaging players through our unique customer engagement solutions. Fast forward to 2010, AL began focusing on building the best customer engagement and loyalty site for their instant players. 2Chance emerged as the site that would eventually comprise virtually every product AL offers. We are incredibly proud of our 17 year history with AL, and our record of providing industry leading returns on investment has allowed them to constantly evolve the program to make it one of the best in North America!”

Scott McWilliam, who now serves as SplashDot’s VP of Business Development, formerly worked as AL’s VP of Sales & Marketing. He has first hand experience on the lottery’s mission at launch with 2Chance. “A primary driver 10 years ago was to extend the play value and winnability of Scratch’N Win,” said McWilliam. “Today the program has evolved into one of AL’s top digital acquisition tools.”
For example, 2Chance allows AL to have a more complete picture of its players and the games they choose to play. “Expanding the 2Chance program to now include alc.ca purchases, draw games and PRO-LINE allows us to validate crossplay and have insights into player baskets at retail. We now have data to support and drive new product launches, promotions and keep player engagement high by putting relevant information and offers in front of the players based on what and where they are playing,” said McWilliam.

AL launched the 11th annual 2Chance campaign in April 2020. It featured the first mobile-web-enabled mobile ticket scanner developed for a lottery corporation in North America. “We wanted people to have a choice of whether to download the app or not. Rather than force them, we made it easier,” said McWilliam.

AL’s goal was a genuinely customer-centric program. “Prior to the launch of the most recent version of 2Chance, we had the opportunity to interview 25 2Chance members,” explained AL Database Marketing Specialist Katelyn Hebert. “This helped us uncover and validate player pain points, simplify the flow of the program and website and focus on delivering an improved program that would meet our players expectations. Through the design phase, we were able to get feedback from those very same players, allowing us to make quick edits and decisions that were focused on putting the player first. Thanks to this process, we were confident that we were launching a program that our players would love.”

Mobile simplicity is critical to AL customers. “Recognizing that the majority of people have a mobile phone or tablet, we wanted to ensure players were able to access 2Chance.ca from their device of choice and be able to scan their paper lottery tickets on the spot and easily assign their entries for chances to win great prizes every month,” said Hebert.

High Approval Rating

Already more than half of customers are using the scanner. “Since launching the new 2Chance program on April 1, 2020, almost 60% of retail lottery tickets sold are being scanned and entered into 2Chance,” said Hebert. “There are plans to widely promote this new feature to players at retail and online, so this number is expected to increase as more players learn about this feature. The feedback from players so far has been fantastic and they love the speed and ease they experience with the new program, no longer needing to take the time to enter a 25-digit code per ticket. For most, this has been the highlight of the new program.”

Splashdot also dramatically overhauled the program. “Our approach with 2Chance really leveraged one of our core tenets—Always be engaging! Second chance programs have existed for years, but truly engaging experiences have not been at the core of many of them. Over the last decade, we have added numerous activities and benefits for consumers that make the program much more than just a basic reward system,” said Watson. “The current campaign allows players to make choices in how they want to win, change those choices if they wish, and participate in other forms of ongoing engagement. We have an awesome bonusing system that allows AL to offer great benefits for certain products, which further encourages purchase. Because all customer activity funnels through the program, we are able to craft journeys that tactically encourage omnichannel play in ways never possible before in the lottery industry.”

2Chance also allows AL to aggregate “known play” to adapt to its changing customer base. “Known play has allowed AL to serve its customers better with tailored promos, notifications, and bonuses. More specifically, Splashdot’s nCentive’s marketing automation tools allow ALC to launch promos to specific segments. More importantly, AL continues to leverage retail known play data to introduce retail players to their online offer. This conversion has become a primary benefit,” said McWilliam.

2Chance also helps AL grow its known play intelligence. “2Chance gives AL an omni-channel view of their players’ preferences. This information is used to customize offers, notifications, cross promote retail and online, and communication. All purchases are stored and aggregated in our nCentive platform and available real time,” said McWilliam.