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Modernizing Lottery Sales

K ansas Lottery Executive Director Terry Presta probably owned a miniature train set when he was little because he loves to use them for an analogy—that is, the history of how America built its coast-to-coast [...]

FY19 Instant Trends

North American lottery marketers were surveyed on what they predicted would be the big scratcher idea to push their instant sales in fiscal 2019. The roundup follows below: “We are launching our first-ever $50 price [...]

Fiscal 2018 Report

Fiscal 2018 represented the “comeback year” for the U.S. lottery industry. National unaudited U.S. lottery sales jumped 7% to $77.7 billion in fiscal 2018 from $72.5 billion in fiscal 2017, according to La Fleur’s Magazine. [...]

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Unaudited Fiscal & 2nd Quarterly Sales Report

Alice Cooper Branded Ticket

Arizona Lottery is rocking out with its all-new Alice Cooper-branded instant ticket which launched in August. “You know you’ve made it in this world when you’re an answer on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, a [...]

Holiday Big Ticket

Western Canada Lottery Corp. (WCLC) will launch its biggest instant ticket ever—measuring 7.8” x 12”—in fiscal 2019. Ticket sales begin October 15, 2018. “WCLC will be launching a Big Ticket at the $30 price point [...]

WV Sportsbooks

Sports betting on professional and collegiate events went live at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races’ new sportsbook on September 1. The West Virginia Lottery Commission regulates the betting. Currently five states offer sports betting: [...]

Cowboys Ticket

The Texas Lottery and the Dallas Cowboys have teamed up for a 10th consecutive year to launch a new Cowboys scratch ticket and promotional second-chance drawings. “We are thrilled to partner up with the Dallas [...]