Lotteries are eager to reach younger audiences. Studies have shown that the average age for draw players is 55 and 45 for scratch players. So lotteries are using experimental marketing techniques to attract those elusive millennial players. Modern marketing starts with psychographic segmentation studies. Psychographic segmentation is a method used to group customers by their shared personality traits, attitudes, lifestyles and other factors. When lotteries understand both their intended [...]

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Fiscal Year & 2Q19 Sales Reports

NH’s Holiday Lights Promotion

The New Hampshire Lottery kicked off its Holiday Lights promotion last year which featured the opportunity to win a coveted position on the lottery’s second edition of the holiday program. In November, the lottery launched [...]

New Hampshire Sports Betting RFP

The New Hampshire Lottery received 13 proposals from potential vendors and retailers looking to offer sports betting in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Lottery issued a request for proposals (RFP) for implementing sports betting in [...]

Kansas Vending Program

The Kansas Lottery will use its new vending machines to market its Holiday Lucky Times family. “The lottery believes the vending machines will play a key role this holiday season because players will be able [...]