By Byron La Fleur Interested in this article? The iLottery eConference, a 3 hour webinar event, is next week on Friday, June 14th. Registration is free for lotteries. Topics will cover: starting an iLottery platform; iLottery's affect on retail; player psychology; innovation; and more! UPDATE: There has been a major development in Apple's policy as of June 3rd, 2019, which was published after this article was completed and sent [...]

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Texas Lottery FIREBALL

On April 28, Texas Lottery introduced FIREBALL, a new add-on feature for its Pick 3 and Daily 4 games. FIREBALL replaced the Sum It Up! Feature. “We are excited to refresh Pick 3 and Daily [...]

Arizona Lottery Exhibit

The Arizona Lottery reached out to the Capitol Museum in 2018 and offered to install an exhibit featuring its lottery mascot Windfall Willie and a detailed recreation of his office as Chief Fun Officer. “The [...]

ALC’s Poutine Scratchers

Atlantic Lottery Corp. (ALC) will launch Poutine For Life scratcher at retail and on in July. It is the ultimate comfort food comprised of cheesy French fries topped with brown gravy. ALC anticipates the [...]

Taxes Paid Scratcher

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) knows everyone dislikes paying taxes, especially when they win a lottery prize. In April, ASL launched a Taxes Paid family comprised four scratch-off tickets that solves that issue for top-prize winners. [...]