Lotteries are eager to reach younger audiences. Studies have shown that the average age for draw players is 55 and 45 for scratch players. So lotteries are using experimental marketing techniques to attract those elusive millennial players. Modern marketing starts with psychographic segmentation studies. Psychographic segmentation is a method used to group customers by their shared personality traits, attitudes, lifestyles and other factors. When lotteries understand both their intended [...]

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DC Sports Wagering Update

Sports wagering is coming to Washington, D.C. There are five categories of licenses associated with sports wagering in the District of Columbia: operator, management services provider, supplier, occupational and lottery-operated. “The legislation that the D.C. [...]

Gem Multiplier Family

For its Gem Multiplier family launch in August, the Hoosier Lottery developed an interactive gem hunt designed to drive awareness of the game to players. “To help drive awareness of our Gem Multiplier Scratch-offs, we [...]

Gem Multiplier Family

Western Canada Lottery Corp. (WCLC) is testing player response to a hybrid Scratch 'N Win (zing) ticket. “LUCKY GEMS is a combination of traditional scratch and modern E-Play,” explained Donovan Coleman, Manager, Big Play Products, [...]