PORTSMOUTH – The City Council voted 8-0 to hold a public hearing at its next meeting on whether Keno gambling should be placed on the Nov. 7 municipal election ballot.

That vote came after City Councilor Brad Lown agreed to withdraw his motion to “place on the ballot in November whether to allow Keno in the city of Portsmouth.”

He argued that he thought city residents should be allowed to vote on Keno gambling even thought he doesn’t think “gambling or gaming is a good way to generate revenue.”

Assistant Mayor Jim Splaine said he opposed the idea of putting Keno gambling on the ballot, saying he is particularly opposed to the “very seductive nature of Keno.”

But he also believes even if the City Council votes it down, it will likely end up on the ballot, because 5 percent of the city’s voters can sign a petition to put it on the ballot themselves.