PHOENIX (March 19, 2018) – The Arizona Lottery released the report from the Multi-State Lottery Association’s (MUSL) investigation of Arizona’s Random Number Generators (RNG). This report can be found HERE.

In November 2017, the Arizona Lottery’s Executive Director instructed MUSL to investigate RNG machines in response to irregular draw results. An independent investigation was then conducted on Arizona Lottery’s draw machines that were operated by MUSL. The investigation was conducted by a third-party forensic technology firm and a statistical expert to evaluate historic draw events.

Since December 11, 2017, the Arizona Lottery has conducted its own game drawings independently from MUSL. The Lottery purchased new draw machines as part of a technology infrastructure upgrade prior to these irregular draw results occurring. These new RNGs have been certified and audited by two independent auditors and were built by Smartplay, an industry leader in RNG technology.

The Arizona Lottery is committed to protecting its players, the integrity of the Lottery and transparency to the residents of Arizona. We appreciate our players’ patience and support during this investigation.