Just like the sound of falling water can instantly relax, so Schafer Systems’ Waterfall Ticket Menu Board (TMB) provides a calming focus for the eye in the cluttered retail marketplace. It is a brand new design just released for sale to lotteries.

The inspiration for this streamlined TMB was simple: “Retail space is limited,” stated Kayt Gabrielson, Product Marketing Manager, Schafer Systems. “We wanted to offer a new solution to still get a display of scratch tickets in a location even if there is not much room to spare and still be seen.”

Illumination is a critical factor. “These boards are lighted so the tickets pop better on display,” explained Gabrielson. “Plus, we have a wall-version of the Waterfall TMB so it can go on practically any wall or a countertop version. The TMB can display up to 32 4-inch tickets in a condensed area. However, it can also display up to 8-inch wide tickets.”

This means that lotteries can utilize the TMB for the popular larger format scratchers. “The display is built so that it can actually display up to 8-inch wide tickets,” she explained.
Product innovation is the result of a close relationship with lotteries. “We keep the businesses in mind,” said Gabrielson. “We realize that tickets do not come in one size, businesses do not come in one size and neither should our dispensers or displays. We strive to provide innovative solutions for any lottery retailer.”

Illumination creates a high impact marketing opportunity for lotteries. “Lights are one of the most inexpensive yet efficient ways to highlight something in retail,” she explained. “The Waterfall TMB utilizes lighting because it keeps the cost of the display down, but the impact on a consumer’s view of the scratch tickets goes up.”

Schafer Systems’ TMBs are an attractive, space-conserving and simple way for lotteries to display their instant tickets. Lotteries can choose between counter and wall-mounted units. The TMBs come in a variety of colors.