New Mexico Lottery dived into its first-ever “Shark” promotion tied to 2020 Shark Week.

The lottery had been pretty quiet, outside of normal player communications about its claim center hours or other player questions that arise. In August it returned to promoting games with Instagram, Facebook, VIP email and radio promotions. “We have timed them with the week leading into ‘Shark Week’ to promote our Cash Shark Scratcher. We’ve received outstanding participation with 27 radio stations promoting the game. They shared that they were very excited to offer something fun to their listeners,” said Wendy Ahlm, Director, Advertising & Marketing, New Mexico Lottery.

The lottery ran social media promos and radio promos through August 14.  The lottery ran the 15-second Cash Shark Scratchers promotional announcement: “Your favorite finned fish is now a New Mexico Lottery game! Make every day a shark day with new Cash Shark Scratchers featuring top prizes of $500. Tune in to (station name) for your chance to win Lottery swag and 10 Lottery Bucks.”

For its 30-second spot, it made a big splash that “the annual week of celebrating sharks is about to begin and New Mexico Lottery has joined the fun. Why celebrate your favorite finned fish for just one week? Make every day a shark day with Cash Shark Scratchers! This fun new game features top prizes of $500. Tune in to [Station ID information] for your chance to win. The first caller to repeat “Play ‘Cash Shark’ the Scratcher Shark” three times in five seconds will win a New Mexico Lottery cup and ten Lottery Bucks!”

Ahlm said the lottery “created some really cool merchandise for our FB & Insta promos – coasters and koozies.”