The New Hampshire Lottery definitely wasn’t barking up the wrong tree with its latest pet-related promotion—Mutt Day Giveaway.

In August, the lottery asked players to post pictures of their favorite four-legged friend (dog). “Doesn’t matter what kind your furry friend is, just describe your dog giving one GIF in the comments below by Monday, August 3 for a chance to win 10 $1 Heads or Tails scratch tickets. We’ll randomly select and announce three winners on Tuesday, August 4.”
It was a very quick call to action—catch the player’s attention, then get them to act.

“We have really ramped up promotions with social media. Simple ticket giveaways, ticket giveaways where you tag your best friend and if chosen, you and your best friend win and most recently, we’ve offered some combination prizes of scratch tickets and gift cards to the major grocery stores here in New Hampshire,” said Maura McCann, Director, Marketing, New Hampshire Lottery. “I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the National Mutt Day post where we asked players to post a GIF of their pup to be randomly chosen to win scratch tickets when really the prize for everyone was to see the posts.”

Congrats to the pups of Christopher, Sonya and Janet. WOOF!

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