The Wisconsin Lottery is making an inbound pass to its players by throwing in with the Milwaukee Bucks. Through its sports sponsorship with this NBA team, the lottery managed to put the ball back into play quickly during the pandemic.

To stay in touch with players, the lottery is working with its partners, like the Milwaukee Bucks, to help publicize its games and special campaigns. A social post about Wisconsin’s Megabucks Leaders Starting 5 featured five action photos of players. The top $5.3 million jackpot is also prominently featured.

“Our most significant changes have been to sports sponsorships, where we’ve shifted much more to the teams’ social and digital media programs, or we run spots on the team’s radio network, all to replace what we’ve lost being in and around the stadiums on game day,” explained Chuck Klink, Product Development & Marketing Director, Wisconsin Lottery.

While typically the lottery would be organizing physical events at Milwaukee Bucks and Packers games, the Summer Event Team has been sidelined during to current circumstances and uncertainties surrounding events.

“We’ve always had a living and breathing marketing plan that can shift with changing market conditions, but we have never had to completely change direction as much as we did these past six months. Flexibility is now paramount in the COVID-19 world,” said Klink.

He also complimented the lottery’s staff who stay virtually connected to players. “Our social media program has never been more active and engaged with our players than in the past six months. It’s a tribute to the dedication our staff putting in those evening and weekend hours to make that happen,” said Klink.

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