The Colorado Lottery is Dashing through the Dough during the 2020 holidays. It aims to put some jingle in lots of pockets with its holiday Scratch offer.

These snazzy slogans all appear on Colorado Lottery’s advertising.

“The look and theme of this year’s POS campaign features a close up view of Santa’s beard and belly with our Scratch game line-up featured prominently,” explained Todd Greco, Scratch Product Manager, Colorado Lottery. “The slogans this year include—Put Some Jingle in your Pocket, Win At Winter, We Wish You a Winning Ticket and Dashing through the Dough. And, the Colorado Lottery has been aggressively promoting its new corporate tagline, ‘Play On,’ which has a double meaning encouraging our players to keep playing the Lottery, and also to get outside and play in the parks and open spaces funded by the Lottery, and this will also be emphasized over the holidays.”

The lottery also introduced a humorous holiday TV spot featuring what you would do if you won on a Scratch ticket given to you as a holiday gift.

The Colorado Lottery expects all its games will perform quite well this year. “This year we are adding the $10 price point to the holiday mix—as that price point has become extremely strong in Colorado. That game will offer the highest top prize—$250,000 of any holiday game ever. In addition, we will still have games like the popular $1 Reindeer Riche$ and other fun themes at the $2, $3 and $5 price points as well,” said Greco.

The holiday season really kicks off Scratch sales for the second half of the year. “Our holiday campaign incorporates all methods of support—TV, radio, POS. out-of-home, digital, social and second-chance drawings,” explained Greco.

At this time, the Colorado Lottery does not have any plans to include its Jackpot games in any of its holiday messaging.