The Illinois Lottery is leveraging the line—“Joy to the Scratchers—in its POS to reflect how the gift of holiday Instants can bring joy as gifts.La Fleur's Magazine will feature a holiday scratch roundup.

“For our October and November launches, we will release both holiday and winter-themed games,” said Mike Elwood, Product Manager Instant Games, Camelot Illinois. “All of the games were consumer tested or have been proven successes in the past. We believe the $20 $1 Million Merry and Bright will be the big hit. Scientific Games printed the game with their Sparkle process. It is glistening with Sparkle throughout the ticket art. The game has a $1 Million top prize and features three active bonus spots with instant $100, $200, and $500 prizes. The key number match game has an auto-win, a 20X multiplier, and a win-all symbol.”

As a result of COVID, the Illinois Lottery with Camelot Illinois want to make “sure that our media plan for holiday maintains flexibility in the event of a shutdown,” said Elwood. “From a messaging standpoint, we’ve historically leaned heavily into a gifting message over the holidays. While this is still part of our comms strategy, the messaging is more subtle given the uncertainties around what the holidays will look like for many folks this year. Instead, we’re reminding players why they ‘love to scratch’ and how they can share that joy with those in their circle.”

Virtual outreach is also critical during this difficult time. “Digital media will always play a role in our campaigns as it is an effective way to reach our consumers in a targeted manner,” said Elwood. “Our holiday campaign will include digital display ads, paid social media and partnerships with vendors like Univision and The Weather Channel.”

Illinois Lottery will also be engaging consumers virtually through sweepstakes on Facebook and through a microsite tied into its TV campaign.

“In addition to our cross channel activation for the holiday campaign, we’ve also partnered with several retailers to offer practical promotions during this challenging time,” added Elwood. “This helps drive ticket sales, but also gives players the opportunity to get discounts on gas or a chance to win free groceries.”

The slogan on the retailer POS reminds players that “There will be JOY.” The retail offers include “Save 20 cents/gal” and “free beverage when you buy any $10, $20 or $30 instant ticket” and and “Win Free Groceries for the Holidays!” Illinois Lottery also ran a “HOLIDAY Grocery Grab!” at Jewel Osco. (Nov. 1-30).