The Kentucky Lottery Corp. (KLC) knows the holidays are made for families. So it is marketing the Holiday Lights Scratch-off tickets. There are four price points: $1, $2, $5 and $10.

“It was the resounding winner of our online panel and focus group research over the past 18 months,” said Edie Frakes, Vice President, Marketing, KLC.

The slogan for the lottery’s holiday scratcher POP advertising campaign: “Light up the holidays.”
In 2020, KLC is not planning major changes to its holiday instant game program. “Our Scratch-off category continues to be strong in FY21, with limited gaming and entertainment options due to COVID—the fun break that Scratch-offs can provide have bolstered our sales growth,” said Frakes.

The lottery will also offer a holiday iLottery product, called Holiday Gold. It is being offered to keep virtual/digital players engaged. “We plan to run a promotion as well through iGifts and iFunds that rewards new players and retailer that sell the funding mechanism to play online at the store level. It’s a true omni-channel engagement approach,” said Frakes.

Players also have more options when purchasing lottery tickets. “Touchless transactions are key during the pandemic. The cashless initiative, retro-fitting many vending machines, as well as acceptance at retail of debit or credit, have been helpful,” said Frakes.

KLC will also run a digital holiday campaign. “As an iLottery state, we are also at an advantage here. We do plan to have a highly engaging and historically successful social media campaign called ‘12 days of Giveaways’ as well as a one-stop shop on our website for Scratch-off wraps, gift ideas and other holiday fun in the virtual world,” said Frakes.

Finally, the 2020 holiday ad promises to (hopefully) make lottery players forget their troubles. “Our Holiday TV spot is always a fun one. This year the campaign is called RC Sleigh. It was also tested with our Fun Club as players are definitely feeling a lot of ‘Pandemic Fatigue.’ They wanted something fun and light-hearted. The spot depicts a remote control car as a sleigh delivering Scratch-offs to all the workers. So it hints and observes social distancing but without the in-your-face reality of masks,” said Frakes.