The Louisiana Lottery promises lottery scratchers are “Fun to Give. Fun to Get.”

“With the pandemic mindset still in effect, we decided on a campaign that would focus on at-home gift-giving traditions during the season,” explained Susan Clayton, Products Director, Louisiana Lottery. “We plan to focus on holiday traditions at home, where scratch-offs can be enjoyed.”

Typically, holiday games are some of the most successful. “There isn’t one particular price point we anticipate will index better than the others, but our $1 Holiday Gifts and $5 Stocking Stuffer features multiple scenes and are strongly positioned for gift-giving, which is our campaign theme for the year,” said Clayton.

Due to the pandemic, players will see changes in how the lottery markets instant games. “Our overall marketing mix has changed slightly during the pandemic with a heavier concentration of digital advertising, including advanced TV, streaming radio, social and pre-roll and banner online advertising. Our holiday campaign will utilize many of these same digital platforms,” said Clayton.

But in-store advertising will also be key. “Complementing virtual outreach, including broadcast email and social media ads and web-based promotions, with in-store advertising has always been important to us and remains so. Our point-of-sale tactics for the holidays include a counter mat with a QR code that shoppers can scan with their smartphones to visit our website holiday campaign landing page,” said Clayton.

There will also be on-air promotions. “For the first time since the pandemic, we have brought back radio listener call-in promotions where callers can win a Lottery holiday prize pack on the air of select stations during our two-week promotion,” said Clayton.

“We will also be hosting a web-based promotion, heavily promoted and shared in social media, that ties into our ‘Fun to Give. Fun to Get’ campaign theme. When entering the online promotion, entrants nominate a friend they would be most likely to gift holiday scratch-offs. If their entry is selected, not only do they win a prize package, their friend does too!” said Clayton.