Michigan Lottery expects the holidays will be sweet thanks to its $5 Peppermint Payout Deluxe (PPD).

“We originally launched a $5 holiday game of the same name in late October of 2018 (we’ve added ‘Deluxe’ this time around for iteration purposes) and was a huge success becoming one of the best-selling $5 instant games ever launched by the Michigan Lottery (seasonally adjusted through 11-weeks of sales),” said Travis Priest, Printed Products Manager, Michigan Lottery. “PPD evolves the original just a bit as we’ve changed the overall treatment and in-game mechanics to give our players a fresh game yet still capturing the peppermint theme that brought so much joy to our players then, and hopefully this year as well.”

Michigan Lottery’s slogan for its holiday scratcher advertising campaign is: “Put Some Play in Your Holiday!”

As a result of COVID, Michigan Lottery did make changes to how it markets holiday instant games. “We’ve been sensitive to the needs playing public and ensuring their safety is our number one priority during the pandemic,” said Priest.

The lottery also created a new holiday TV spot which is Covid proof. “No live actors and we will not show gatherings of people. We’re going with a stylized animation technique that showcases popular/recognizable locations across the state to create a ‘holiday state of mind’ feel,” said Glenn Strong, Deputy Commissioner, Games & Marketing, Michigan Lottery.

Michigan Lottery’s virtual outreach has always been important. But Priest stressed that the terrestrial channels (TV and radio) have been right sized “with the understanding that we want to encourage player safety first and ensure we are responsible marketers of our product.”

Retail players will be rewarded with special digital promotions. “Our holiday tickets will feature retail player acquisition promo codes where players who purchase a $2, $5, and/or $10 holiday instant ($1 holiday game not included in this promo) and register a new account at MichiganLottery.com with the respective promo code, for example, $5 ticket promo code is ‘PEPPERMINT’ that player will receive 10 free games of digital online play plus an additional $10 in-store retail coupon after they make a single deposit of $10 in their online account. This has been our tried-and-true approach at building out our omni-channel segment incentivizing play in both channels. These individuals are the most loyal to the brand and will continue to be an important factor driving successful holiday campaigns and beyond,” stressed Priest.