The Ohio Lottery’s holiday slogan is “Deck the Halls with wins from Scratch-Offs.”

This general theme is used for in-store print, branded digital assets and a holiday radio spot. “However, we produce specific campaigns for our various holiday tickets based on a common theme. That common theme is: even though many things have changed in last six to nine months, one thing remained the same—Scratch-Offs. The first campaign is from the customer POV. The second campaign is from Santa’s POV. Each campaign includes video audio, digital, and social assets,” said Ronald Fornaro, Instant Ticket Product Manager, Ohio Lottery.

The November program reminded players to “Go Big This Holiday Season with Merry Millions. While many things were small, this year, like birthday parties, holidays, and music events, you can go big with our biggest holiday game Merry Millions,” said Fornaro.

And Santa was the star in December as “Safe Santa. While he’s seen a lot of holidays, none have been quite like this so stay safe and give people what they want—holiday Scratch-Offs,” added Fornaro.

Two higher price point holiday scratchers are expected to be the big holiday hits. “We believe that our $10 ‘$500,000 Holiday Money’ and $20 ‘Merry Millions’ tickets will be very popular with our players. Over the past several months we have seen double digit growth in our higher price point categories. The popularity of these price points, the holiday theme and upcoming advertising will help propel our holiday sales,” said Fornaro.

In terms of COVID-related changes to the marketing program, Fornaro said, “POS kits were shipped direct to retail. TV concepts intentionally highlight the impact of COVID. Media plans were adjusted based on updated consumption habits.”

The Ohio Lottery also continues to be aggressive on its social platforms and will have a large presence in that space. “We will be conducting a Public Relations outreach program through our TV carrier stations called Delivering Merriness in the first three weeks of December,” said Fornaro. “Deserving individuals in participating markets will be highlighted in special programming, news segments, and on our social channels throughout the month. We will pay it forward to these individuals who have stepped up in their communities by awarding the Ohio Lottery holiday scratch-off ticket wreaths worth $250. And we’ll have a complementary social program that will allow one lucky commenter to win a wreath too.”