The Western Canada Lottery Corp. (WCLC) urges players to “Unwrap Guaranteed Fun.

The lottery’s holiday advertising campaign is centered around the $20 holiday instant (zing) ticket. “Our star holiday sales offering is $20 PLAYER’S CHOICE MEGA PACK, which features the chance to win up to $1 Million instantly and a prize to be won in every pouch! Each pouch contains a ticket strip of 10 tickets of our most popular fun games,” said Don Coleman, Manager, Big Play Products, WCLC.

WCLC is supporting the PLAYER’S CHOICE MEGA PACK with television, point of sale and retail screen advertising. “This year, WCLC is offering its first holiday themed zing E-PLAY ticket called HOLIDAY TREASURES. This product is a zing ticket that can be purchased at retail, scratched at home and players can play a linked web-based holiday game on their electronic device to reveal any prizes that may be won on the E-PLAY portion of the ticket. Players can win up to $100,000 instantly scratching their HOLIDAY TREASURES zing ticket and there are over $1 million in E-PLAY prizes to be awarded,” said Coleman.

All zing products are showcased on its website. “WCLC also provides and email blast to its VIP members with news of the latest holiday ticket offering. Further to this, WCLC will be offering the PICK YOUR PRESENT INTERNET CONTEST, with holiday tickets as the entry mechanism, for a chance to win a variety of great prizes,” said Coleman.

The lottery is also marketing a JINGLE PAWS Scratch-n-Win ticket. It is always a “purrfect” selection for animal lovers. “In putting together the WCLC holiday portfolio of products, for this year, JINGLE PAWS was a natural complement to the variety of products that were proposed,” said Coleman.

In 2016, the $2 Santa Paws ticket was a big hit. “WCLC has marketed pet-themed tickets before, successfully, during the holiday sales period. Sales rates for these products are typically above average,” said Coleman.

This year marks the third consecutive year that WCLC has offered an Advent Calendar style ticket. The first 2 years, WCLC released each year a 24 DAYS TO CELEBRATE product. In 2020, the ticket is called CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN.

“The $30 price point was a complement to our existing holiday ticket portfolio. Our holiday sales focus is the $20 PLAYER’S CHOICE MEGA PACK pouch product, and therefore a $30 Advent Calendar product offering was considered the compliment to that existing $20 pouch game,” said Coleman.

In terms of sales potential, Coleman said “CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN should perform well bringing in an approximate $4 million in sales over the short holiday sales window.”

WCLC will also runs its annual holiday internet contest, a perennial favorite with players. “Splashdot manages the database, email marketing and prize awards,” said Coleman. “Last year, there was approx. 125,000 participants in the PICK YOUR PRESENT INTERNET CONTEST.”

The lottery has offered the holiday internet contest for the past nine years. “The contest format has evolved over time. Initially, the TECH THE HALLS INTERNET CONTEST was simply a one-time draw for a number of tech related prizes. The contest prizing then evolved slightly to a HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS INTERNET CONTEST with travel prizing offered. The current format, which is the fifth consecutive year that WCLC has offered the PICK YOUR PRESENT INTERNET CONTEST, is a more interactive format, which allows participants to wager entries to win more entries or instant cash prizes. Participants can also allocate the number of entries they would like to place in each prize draw. There are many different prize draws for many different types of prizes. All draws conclude on the same draw date. The link is: The contest started this year on, or about October 1st,” said Coleman.