On February 3, New Mexico Lottery launched Pick 4, its newest draw game.

The 4-digit numbers game generated $4.6 billion in calendar 2018, representing a 2% increase over the previous year, according to La Fleur’s Magazine Quarterly Data Report. Currently, 31 U.S. lotteries sell a 4-digit game, which is marketed under multiple names including Pick 4, Win 4 and Daily 4.

New Mexico Lottery’s Pick 4 plays the same as Pick 3, but with four numbers and a top prize of $5,500. Tickets are $1 per play, per draw. Drawings are held twice daily at 1 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Sales for New Mexico Lottery’s Pick 3 game totaled $5.8 million in calendar 2018.

Currently, New York Lottery ranks #1 with gross sales of $921.1 million in calendar 2018.