The majority of Veikkaus’ games are designed and made in Finland, as evidenced by Veikkaus’ games and gaming services as the Key Flag, according to the Finnish national organization.

” Finnish work creates well-being for society and Finns. It is important to me that jobs are also maintained in Finland. Globalization transforms work and makes it easier for you to find jobs around the world as an employee. In the light of research, Finnish working life and society are among the best in the world and I personally feel that this is just the right place to be at work,” said Sakari Tiikkaja, Lead Game Artist at Veikkaus.

The Veikkaus game studio designs and implements about 15 new games each year. Gaming enthusiasts of Veikkaus design background stories, logic and mathematics for the games, and implement graphics, sound and technology.

“In Veikkaus’ game studio, we are able to make very own games and games with themes that are easy to understand locally. Veikkaus makes international comparative cash games with the Finnish twist!” according to the organization.