By Maura McCann, Director of Marketing, New Hampshire Lottery

While the New Hampshire Lottery no longer has a Player’s Club, it does maintain an iLottery database as well as its former Player’s Club email list, weekly e-newsletter list, winning numbers list and more. Here are my Top 10 Ways to use your player registration database to build a closer relationship.

1. Keeping players informed of new content

From additional e-Instant launches to Sports Betting and DraftKings, with New England events/National events postponed, adding e-NASCAR to our events/leagues listing as well as the ability to bet on the current NFL Draft (not live betting) as well as talking about global ongoing events. Go Russian table tennis!

2. Trying to maintain consistency in a very inconsistent world we are living in

Though we pulled promotional TV and radio, we maintain our communications about winning numbers, the weekly e-newsletter and our social media channels. Our players have come to rely on our consistency. We don’t want to abandon them and in every aspect be available, talk to them, daily!

Try to reinforce that players can Play Your Way that is communicated via the e-newsletter, social media and digitally: play online or in-store (if you are comfortable) – this is your choice, your way.

3. Maintaining strong social media presence

Promotional ticket giveaways, surprise awards, winner awareness campaigns- keeping things positive! After all, our product is all about entertainment and we want to entertaining.

4. Alerting players and retailers to game changes in the major DBGs

As Powerball and Mega Millions changed the starting and rolling jackpots, we kept our players and retailers informed via email and our website, all about maintaining credibility and transparency.

5. Informing of Lottery changes- claims office changes

The last thing we want is to waste people’s time and pull them out of their homes. We updated our website and kept them informed of major changes, like no same-day claims processing and urging people to mail claims in. Stay safe. We got you!

6. Provide promotions of value

Through iLottery we continue to provide regular promotions to depositors, registered users and non-registered players. We have seen our registered and depositor numbers increase significantly during this time, as well as our return depositors. Sports Betting and the NFL Draft (huge viewership numbers), DraftKings provided our players with a special one-time offer.

7. Thanking retailers for their unconditional efforts during this time

Through email and with the #603PRIDE (more on that below) we recognize our retailers. Though some retailers closed and others stopped lottery transactions, most retailer (95%) remained open. Any who are open, even those who temporarily ceased lottery, are tirelessly working to ensure the residents of this state have what they need to get by. And with a smile. It has been impressive to see how they adapted their businesses (social distancing, taped lines, curbside, and delivery) to support the greater efforts.

8. Media inquires

And when the media comes calling, we focus on the positive yet we acknowledge that our sales have been effected but we remain positive.

9. #603PRIDE 

The TV spot, website graphics, social media graphics, monitor slide and bmp on the bottom of the tickets – all carrying #603PRIDE. Reflecting on those living and working here in New Hampshire, that they should take pride in how everyone is dealing with the pandemic. From our players who are still enjoying our games for entertainment through iLottery or our traditional tickets to the stores who remain open to provide everyday essentials from milk, to gas, to a hot cup of coffee and more. The last line of the TV spot sums it all up: And we’re lucky to have you. And we have always been lucky to have our retailer base yet now more than ever.

10. The Other Side

Though we have not shared the plans yet, we will. Utilizing social media, e-newsletters, radio, terminal messages, and more, we are planning robust promotions that include street team ticket giveaways, social media giveaways, BOGO retail events, flash sales, KENO Power Hours and more. We can’t WAIT to give back to our players and help drive sales at the retail level, showing them how appreciative we are of them both!

Maura McCann is a 36-year veteran of the New Hampshire Lottery. She joined in May 1984. We think she is an industry treasure!