Louisville, KY – Last month, EquiLottery LLC and the Kentucky Lottery announced plans for a 90 day pilot program for “Win Place Show.” The pilot will launch on March 24, 2019 and will feature 45 locations across Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky.

EquiLottery today announced its agreement with Roberts Communications Network to provide video streaming services on a variety of web platforms. The agreement provides live and archived video of horse races connected to “Win Place Show” free of charge to lottery players in Kentucky. This programming will extend to other state lotteries upon adoption of the game and will help to usher in a new live sports category in lottery.

“We are pleased to play a part in this innovative opportunity to bring new interest to the sport of horse racing,” said Roberts Communications Network CEO Todd Roberts. “When Brad first approached us about his vision for ‘Win Place Show’, we were excited by the possibilities it presented for a sport so important to our corporate identity. We are pleased to play a key role in this unique lottery proposition.”

As the leading provider of video streaming in North American horse racing, Roberts Communications Network will deliver a series of services to EquiLottery and the Kentucky Lottery. Players will be able to watch races associated with “Win Place Show” in real time or access a catalog of archived races. Through programming developed specifically for EquiLottery, players will be able to enjoy these feeds customized for player convenience through the “Win Place Show” mobile app, “Win Place Show” mobile responsive website and the Kentucky Lottery website.

“This partnership with Roberts is at the core of the unique product we are offering lottery players in Kentucky and beyond,” said EquiLottery Founder and CEO Brad Cummings. “Our research says delivering a new draw game experience through an authentic and unscripted event such as horse racing will give current players a new way to experience the lottery and grow the lottery base with new players who are not necessarily drawn to traditional lottery games but love live sports. We look forward to this being the beginning of a fruitful relationship with Todd and his team.”

For more information on this pilot and how the game works, visit www.WinPlaceShowLotto.com.”