Pollard Banknote congratulates the Kansas Lottery on the success of its $5 GALAGA™ instant scratch game—the first-ever lottery game to leverage the GALAGA™ brand. Launched on July 27, 2020, GALAGA™ CA$H has recorded fiveweek sales 51% higher than the average of all other $5 licensed games in Kansas since 2017.

Debuting in North America in 1981, GALAGA™, with its intergalactic theme and superior gameplay, earned recognition from TIME magazine as one of the greatest video games of all time. GALAGA™ CA$H perfectly captures the video game’s nostalgic flair by pairing its iconic imagery with an eye-catching ticket design, making it easy to see why players are hooked on this instant game.

In addition to its striking design, GALAGA™ CA$H offers a 2nd Chance digital component through the Lottery’s PlayOn® Players’  Loyalty Program app (powered and supported by Pollard  Banknote). By submitting a non-winning GALAGA™ CA$H ticket,  PlayOn® members earn an entry into the 2nd Chance draw for a GALAGA™ arcade cabinet game plus $1,000 (with a total of 10 prizes to be won). They also unlock the GALAGA™ CA$H interactive game which rewards members with player points! This interactive game mimics the classic video game’s playstyle, leveraging the brand equity and awareness of GALAGA™ while offering players the opportunity to re-live their fondest arcade memories! Marking the first licensed game interactive extension on the PlayOn® platform, the GALAGA™ CA$H interactive game allows further game play through the purchase of an instant ticket.

Players of the GALAGA™ CA$H instant ticket who are not yet PlayOn® members can get in on the action too. By registering for PlayOn® and then submitting a non-winning ticket, they will be eligible for the GALAGA™ CA$H 2nd Chance draw and will be able to play the GALAGA™ CA$H interactive game to earn points. New members will also have opportunity to explore the program’s various offerings and pointearning opportunities.

“The success of GALAGA™ CA$H was evident soon after its launch in late July,” said Steve Durrell, Executive Director, Kansas Lottery. “The brand’s retro appeal and popularity prompted us to build a fun game and offer second-chance promotions which we expect to bring in new players and ultimately support multiple social and economic initiatives throughout the state of Kansas.”

“We are thrilled that the Kansas Lottery chose to leverage the unique appeal of the GALAGA™ brand, which has proven its ability to perform exceptionally well after its launch,” said Brad Thompson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote. “GALAGA™ holds a multi-generational appeal with powerful brand awareness among millennials and Golden Age gamers. GALAGA™ gives gamers a chance to relive the glory days of arcade gaming through its 2nd Chance interactive game extension on PlayOn®, enhancing player excitement and engagement.”