Ipsos, a world leader in market research, is proud to unveil its latest tool helping to revolutionize the industry. Ipsos, in partnership with AI experts, Peltarion, have launched Question Library. This new tool can be accessed via Ipsos. Digital, our fully automated DIY (or researchers-assisted DIY) platform.

While clients are building their custom survey using the FastFacts solution in Ipsos.Digital, they can now select Question Library to prompt the optimal phrasing of their survey questions. The perfect phrasing is critical given how quickly our world is changing. Customers’ habits, behaviours and attitudes have, in some cases, transformed beyond recognition, especially due to the pandemic. As a result, businesses need to understand the new face of their market in real-time. By providing meaningful and relevant questions, Question Library provides valuable insights to help capture what consumers think, want and feel, today.

Question Library works by suggesting ideal wording for questions and provides guidance on answer options after the user triggers a database search with specific brand, category and/or timeframe specifications. Question Library has 250,000 pre-existing questions in its database. This is the result of in-depth natural language processing (NLP) of over 90,000 Ipsos surveys, covering 600,000 unique questions in English. With additional fine tuning and AI learning, Question Library will continually make the construction of insightful research projects a more efficient process.

Andrei Postoaca, CEO, Ipsos.Digital, said, “This instils the users with confidence that they are using the very best phrasing and answer options for their questions to deliver optimal results. It also helps to alleviate the moments of uncertainty at the survey-build stage market researchers can often feel.”