NeoPollard Interactive LLC (“NeoPollard Interactive” or “NPi”), jointly owned by Pollard Banknote Limited (“Pollard Banknote”; TSX: PBL) and NeoGames S.A. (Nasdaq: NGMS), congratulates its customer network on exceptional Fiscal Year 2020 (“FY20”) results. NPi’s iLottery partners, including the Michigan, Virginia, New Hampshire, and North Carolina Education Lotteries, achieved topline sales totaling a collective $2 billion. Just as impressive as this milestone achievement is the fact that these lotteries grew topline sales by a remarkable 89% from the previous fiscal year. FY20 is defined as the twelve-month period ending June 30, 2020 for each state except Michigan, which concluded FY20 on September 30, 2020; all four lotteries have continued to achieve significant growth in the current fiscal year.

Across NPi’s U.S. customer network, all iLottery programs experienced significant growth over FY19. The Michigan Lottery achieved a total sales increase of 86% and since launch, have contributed over half a billion dollars before operating expenses to the Michigan School Aid Fund. The Virginia Lottery saw 29% growth in FY20 eSubscription sales. FY20 marked the New Hampshire Lottery’s first full fiscal year of iLottery operations, recording over 142% growth in sales in support of funds for education in New Hampshire. North Carolina’s program, which NPi converted from the Lottery’s previous program that enabled the sale of draw games online, was live for only eight months in FY20 and surpassed topline sales from the entire prior fiscal year by 57%.

“Since its inception, NPi has been dedicated to delivering the most entertaining, engaging, and profitable iLottery programs to our customers,” said Liz Siver, General Manager, NeoPollard Interactive. “Covid-19 has highlighted the importance for lotteries to diversify their sales channels. At NPi our mission is to enable lotteries to generate revenue through online channels and FY20 proved the significance of this channel to grow our customers’ overall lottery sales performance. We are proud that our industry-leading products and services have helped our iLottery partners continue to drive sales, engage with players, and maximize revenue for the many good causes they support.”

NPi’s focused approach and operational expertise have made the company the partner of choice for lotteries looking to expand the way they interact with players through digital channels and engaging, revenue driving games. NPi’s iLottery partners consistently experience significant year-over-year incremental revenue increases through the online channel, while simultaneously driving growth at retail. In fact, NPi customers with a full iLottery offering have seen significant growth in retail instant sales after launching iLottery programs. The Michigan Lottery has seen 150% growth in retail instant sales since Fiscal Year 2013. In New Hampshire, the Lottery’s retail instant category has grown by 21% since Fiscal Year 2018.