By Tom Stanek, President RXA

The Lottery industry is continuously searching for new solutions to better understand lottery players and consumers. Traditional research is becoming less reliant, less timely, and less effective. Insert AI and machine learning.

Consumers voice their opinion on products and brands through many mediums, making it impossible and cost prohibitive for Lotteries to be closely monitored by traditional means. However, with the use of applied artificial intelligence and machine learning Lotteries can tap into what consumers are saying at a fraction of the time and cost.

Social listening platforms allow Lotteries to identify and respond to over 1.25 billion posts a day from platforms like twitter, reddit, and any local or national forum. These Voice of the Customer solutions listen for any key words and lexicon that Lotteries predetermine.

For example, if a new Crossword game launches, the Voice of the Customer application can determine if any consumers are discussing the new game, not just on lottery-branded social platforms but the entire web and to understand if those discussions are positive or negative. Whether consumers are posting about the new color latex or connected crossword playstyle, the solution will report what is being “said” and the lottery can take immediate action to promote positives and negate negatives.

The Voice of the Customer solution is especially powerful when providing real-time research on all product launches. It also allows for pre-defined and approved lottery responses to each of the posts (something humans cannot do).

Just imagine, for every Instant game launch, mobile app update, promotion, or advertising campaign, Lotteries can now know the consumer reaction to each of those activities. This not only allows for immediate responses to consumer posts, it also helps shape future releases, enhances brand protection, and ultimately leads to higher profits to the state.

Why would Lotteries deploy the Voice of the Customer AI technology? Here are several benefits:

  1. Real-time Data: Lotteries are able to make faster and more informed decisions based on real-time data. The applications can provide Lotteries with actionable insights that enable data-driven decision making in building relationships with customers. Lotteries will be able to garner these insights indefinitely through recurring reporting and dashboards for ongoing monitoring. This is also great for product launches and tracking consumer feedback in real-time on new game launches through all channels.
  2. Sentiment Scoring: When deploying solutions like this, Lotteries should consider implementing theme detection and sentiment scoring. Using scores, Lotteries can dial in the parameters of sentiments to focus on those comments that are truly negative and detracting from the success of products or services in the marketplace. This feature also allows Lotteries to find out what is resonating with people and to take advantage of those trends through marketing or direct outreach to customers. Visualized in an easy-to-read ‘positive, neutral, or negative’ grade, Lotteries can then quickly see which comments deserve attention.
  3. Deep Linking to Forums, Reviews, and Posts: Besides just showing you those terms, phrases, and themes that merit a critical eye, Lotteries can link directly to the forum or post so that you can respond in real time. What good is knowing if you cannot take action? Identify a specific Post, Author, Site, or Forum that is impacting your brand or product(s) and respond. Get ahead of a negative trend or leverage a positive one and learn from your customers and detractors.
  4. Brand Protection and Enhancement: Lotteries are trusted and played by millions of consumers each year. Using Voice of Customer social listing platforms, Lotteries will be able to protect and grow positive sentiment with their customers. Misprints, system outages, and instances of retail theft can be analyzed to understand potential affects in consumer trust and what is being “said” regarding these instances. The impact on consumers created by regulation changes and new business rules can be measured, and perceptions of advertisements and marketing can be tracked, and calculated responses taken.
  5. Full 360° View of the Consumer: Lotteries have multiple internal data sources including call centers, tel-sell, and offline research. All this data and information can be integrated together into a full 360- degree consumer view. By housing all collected data in one place, it becomes easier to understand how every aspect comes together to influence the customer experience.

Now more than ever, Lotteries need to understand and act on consumers’ perceptions and needs. A proven Voice of Customer Experience solution is the best choice to help Lotteries understand and react to the consumers of the future.

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