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Responsible Gambling: More Than Checking A Box

Why cross-industry, cross-market collaboration on Responsible Gambling has never been more important.

[Sponsored White Paper] Sustainability is the hot topic of the decade. Whether it is climate change, the destruction of the natural world or plastic waste, today’s generation is more concerned than ever about how the human race should be more considerate, sustainable and take responsibility for a cleaner, brighter and more ethical future. A 2016 survey found that 76% of millennials said they would rather take a pay cut than work for a company with unethical business practices. This is a generation of conscious consumers and while many businesses have begun to take steps towards addressing the issues they care about, the gambling industry has been among the slowest to react. Gambling operators regularly talk about the challenge of attracting new audiences but often fail to embrace the technology that can drive that growth. The power of the data that technology can give lotteries cannot be underestimated. Going digital provides a depth of information not readily available via retail channels. Behavioural activity is closely monitored and recorded, showing invaluable information which can be used….

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