Compendium of Best Instant Games & eInstants (Digital Book)

The Compendium covers the best instant game strategies from fiscal 1997 through fiscal 2020 for Canadian, European and U.S. lotteries. It is the most comprehensive book on instant ticket marketing practices published in the world. Among the instant marketing strategies studied are the number of instant games launched per year, the number of instant game launches by price point, the average prize payout by price point, the number of $1 and non-$1 instant games sold concurrently and the game introduction rate. On an annual basis, TLF Publications, Inc. surveys each lottery organization in Canada and the U.S. on its top non-$1 and $5 instant games. This survey provides lottery marketers with a changing snapshot of how the jurisdictions’ best three instant games performed in relation to each other. The success of a game is measured by its average weekly per capita sales for the first 12 weeks of the ticket’s launch. If provided, data on the ticket’s sales index is also listed. In addition, lotteries are also polled on their top non-holiday $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20, and $25/$30 ticket as measured by average weekly per capita sales for the first 12 weeks of the ticket’s launch. This list specifically excludes holiday tickets since these products routinely are best sellers for most lotteries. Also, by examining the best seller by price point in each category, it is easier to see the relationship between the different price points. The section on European lottery organizations includes the top calendar gross instant game, the total calendar PC average weekly instant game and a comprehensive list of top gross instant games by price point from calendar 1995 through calendar 2020.

Starting in fiscal 2014 (through fiscal 2020), the Compendium also tracks European and North American lotteries’ eInstant game strategy, including eInstant launch date, price points sold, prize payout, licensed games, base eInstant games sold and game intro rate. Each lottery reports its top gross e-instant game and top gross e-instant game by price point.

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