2020 Digital DC eConference Registration: Day 1 Recording


La Fleur’s 2020 DC eConference will feature key lottery executives discussing the impact of the pandemic on their lottery organization and operations as well as case studies. It will be a virtual event that is the culmination of La Fleur’s Summer eConference series. This is a two day pass.

Day 1 (September 1, 12:30 -3:30 pm ET):

Gregg Edgar (AZ), Tom Seaver (CO), Greg Smith (CT), Beth Bresnahan (DC), Vernon Kirk (DE), Samantha Ferrin (FL), Gretchen Corbin (GA), Gordon Medenica (MD), Michael Sweeney (MA), Tom Shaheen (MS), Brian Rockey (NE), Mark Michalko (NC), Charlie McInytre (NH), Pat McDonald (OH), Barry Pack (OR), Drew Svitko (PA), Gary Grief (TX), Kevin Hall (VA), Marcus Glasper (WA), John Myers (WV) & Jon Clontz (WY)
Day 2 (September 2, 3:00 – 5:00 pm ET):
La Fleur’s Marketing Symposium will feature the seven North American lottery marketing & innovation executives–Chris Rogers (AZ), Pete Donahue (CT), Justin Rock (FL), Glenn Strong (MI), Adam Caughill (OLG), Stephanie Weyant (PA) & Terri Rose (VA) who will give presentations on key topics, such as instant and draw game marketing, social media and advertising, and discuss with fellow panelists. Questions and feedback from audience are encouraged. This virtual networking event will run from 3-5 pm on Tuesday, September 2.

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