World Lottery Almanac

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La Fleur’s 2024 World Lottery Almanac™ is the complete reference source for the $371 billion worldwide lottery industry. It includes sales from over 175 lotteries.

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La Fleur's Magazine

La Fleur’s Magazine is the premier trade publication reporting on the worldwide lottery industry. Its compelling mix of pertinent content and timely statistical reporting makes it the only publication that covers the entire industry around the globe.

Each issue is released with at least one data report. Reports include: 4 Quarterly Sales Reports, A Calendar Year Sales Report, a Fiscal Year Sales Report, Best Instant Games Report, Best eInstant Sales Report, a Worldwide Sales Report, and a Contractor Sales Report. 

Supplements to the magazine every year include the Spring and Fall La Fleur’s White Pages Directory for North America and Australia and the annual European Lottery Directory Guide. Each autumn, La Fleur’s Fast Facts directory updates the latest, greatest and most requested statistical tables.

Subscribers can also access previous issues through their digital account.