8 04, 2019

Veikkaus to Hold an Innovation Challenge Week


In May, Veikkaus' headquarters will focus intensively on e-sports. Together with Avanto Ventures, Veikkaus will organize an Innovation Challenge Week, where 8-10 startup companies are considering what they could do with Veikkaus in e-sports. The Challenge Week will be held at Veikkaus' headquarters in Helsinki, Northern Hague on 20-24 May. It is a competition that enables Veikkaus [...]

Veikkaus to Hold an Innovation Challenge Week2019-04-10T09:56:55-04:00
29 12, 2016



Dante Anderson, Director, Regional Lotto, OLG Did you know the DOTA 2 international has a $10 million prize pool? That’s bigger than the Masters. Up until recently, ‘gaming’ was often considered a waste of time – stereotyped, misunderstood and relegated to bedrooms across the globe. Things have changed. The eSports phenomenon is taking the world [...]

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