9 09, 2019



“The Times the Cash Family (10X, 50X, and 100X The Cash) will be launched mid-May in 2020. This family of tickets will be in the $2, $5, and $7 category of Quick Play products. Families of games has been successful in the past and we are working on building more families into our launches moving [...]

9 09, 2019

Virginia Lottery


“The Hot family of games (FOGs) represents the first time the Virginia Lottery has included an oversized ticket within a FOG. Our goal was to bring some much needed attention to the larger format games which has become less of a novelty to our players over the years. We added dual color imaging under the [...]

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9 09, 2019

Texas Lottery


“Texas’ next big Multiplier family of games will launch in January 2020 and will be Monopoly™ branded while also incorporating the $5 Million Vegas Challenge™! We believe that the strength of the Monopoly™ brand coupled with the popular multiplier play feature will be hugely successful. And, if that’s not enough, players can still enter non-winning [...]

Texas Lottery2019-09-09T13:58:05-04:00
9 09, 2019

Pennsylvania Lottery


“With the addition of the Fast Play and iLottery game categories, we are no longer limited to only launching a Scratch-Off family and are now able to launch a family of games across a few product lines. The Fast Frenzy family with two Scratch-Off and three Fast Play games launched in May. Our families perform [...]

Pennsylvania Lottery2019-09-10T08:14:11-04:00
9 09, 2019

North Carolina Lottery


“The key for us in 2020 as it relates to family of games is to not overdo it. We are going from five family of games in FY19 down to four in FY20. We want to make sure that family of games maintain their relevance and excitement amongst our players, so we have reduced the [...]

North Carolina Lottery2019-09-09T13:58:28-04:00
9 09, 2019

New Hampshire Lottery


“We are hoping to utilize an iLottery cross promotion with the next scratch family of games launch! By doing so we can directly market both the iLottery and scratch right to players’ inboxes and iLottery accounts, promote both mediums in POS, radio, CRM, social and digital advertising, on our website, and on the scratch tickets [...]

New Hampshire Lottery2019-09-09T12:38:58-04:00
9 09, 2019

Nebraska Lottery


“Our fiscal year 2020 family of games strategy includes eliminating the $2 price point and adding a $10 game. We also plan to minimize prizes below the 80% satisfaction threshold and above the ceiling chatter as determined by our research. Prizes will be allocated that produce the highest relative level of satisfaction while contributing optimal [...]

Nebraska Lottery2019-09-09T12:38:21-04:00
9 09, 2019

Michigan Lottery


“We’re planning to launch a re-branded ‘Lucky 7’s’ themed FOG in January. The first time we employed this theme was in FY17, which became our second best selling FOG of all time, only behind our first FOG, Cash For Life, launched in FY12. Unlike in FY17, the Lucky 7’s FOG for FY20 will have a [...]

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9 09, 2019

Massachusetts Lottery


“In addition to our multiplier families, our customers have responded well to holiday-themed families. We vary the title, design, color and play mechanics from year to year to give the new tickets their own identity and make them attractive to our customers. We are in the process of testing several concepts to help shape our [...]

Massachusetts Lottery2019-09-09T12:32:35-04:00
9 09, 2019

Maryland Lottery


“The Maryland Lottery’s first two Multiplier Family of Games proved to be quite popular with players. In light of our success with the first two launches, we are making plans for a third. As always, we are evaluating new game features and visual elements that will increase the appeal and the play value.”— Leslie Mitchell, [...]

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