7 12, 2020

La Fleur’s FY21 Holiday Scratcher Roundup


North American lotteries hope to guarantee stellar holiday scratch ticket sales despite uncertainty at retail by guaranteed techniques popular with players, such as marketing holiday family of games, incorporating special printing features, adding new holiday price points and keeping it all festive. The slogans for lotteries’ holiday campaigns range from heart-tugging to whimsical. For instance, [...]

La Fleur’s FY21 Holiday Scratcher Roundup2020-12-08T15:25:48-05:00
7 12, 2020

Missouri Lottery’s $20 Holiday Blockbuster is Back and Better Than Ever


With $20 scratch games on everyone’s wish list this season, the Missouri Lottery gave its players a little something extra with Merry Multiplier—its second holiday Scratch My Back® blockbuster, this year with a glimmering Sparkle® option. “It’s a winning recipe: Fun, festive and eye-catching, with a touch of added play value,” says Missouri Lottery Scratchers [...]

Missouri Lottery’s $20 Holiday Blockbuster is Back and Better Than Ever2020-12-10T11:03:46-05:00
7 12, 2020

Florida Lottery: Holiday Blowout


The Florida Lottery packaged “The Perfect Holiday Mix” for lottery players in 2020. The $10 holiday ticket is expected to be the big hit. “We’ve had unprecedented growth at the $10 price point in the past 18 months since introducing the record-breaking Blowout game,” explained Shelly Gerteisen, Director of Product, Florida Lottery. “So we knew [...]

Florida Lottery: Holiday Blowout2020-12-09T11:56:03-05:00
4 12, 2020

CT Lottery: Holiday Cheer!


The Connecticut Lottery Corp. (CLC) plans to make its customers merry with its sleigh-full of holiday fun landing at lottery retailers. The slogan for its holiday scratcher advertising campaign is “Spread a little Holiday Cheer!” “Our Holiday ticket portfolio will be similar to last year ($1 Holiday Cash, $2 Holiday Bonus and $5 Merry Money). [...]

CT Lottery: Holiday Cheer!2020-12-04T09:57:37-05:00
2 12, 2020

California Lottery: “Give Joy”


The California Lottery expects the holidays will be sweet for players thanks to a special Scratchers® lineup. “Our $5 holiday ticket Peppermint Payout will be the California Lottery’s first scratch ‘n sniff product, and we expect it will provide new appeal and attract a mix of players,” explained Whitney Alderson, Assistant Deputy Director, Marketing, California [...]

California Lottery: “Give Joy”2020-12-02T09:03:40-05:00
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