3 12, 2019

Texas-Themed Games: Dale Bowersock (Texas Lottery)


[pdf-embedder url="https://lafleurs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Texas-Themed-Games_Dale-Bowersock_Texas-Lottery.pdf" title="Texas-Themed Games_Dale Bowersock_Texas Lottery"] Dale Bowersock, Scratch Ticket Strategy Coordinator, Texas Lottery, presented “Texas Themed Games: The Creation of Unique Promotions.” The Texas Lottery was tasked by one of the Commissioners to create games which highlight Texas tourism and Texas businesses. In response to this request two games were created—Texas Road Trip and [...]

Texas-Themed Games: Dale Bowersock (Texas Lottery)2020-02-18T11:58:55-05:00
3 12, 2019

Shifting Strategy: Synergy Between Product & Advertising: Carlos Rodriguez (Connecticut Lottery)


Carlos Rodriguez, Director, Lottery Games, Connecticut Lottery Corp. (CLC), presented “Shifting Strategy: Synergy Between Product & Advertising.” Fiscal 2020 brought change to CLC’s instant strategy. “We started adjusting ticket print runs for faster selling cycles, freshening the portfolio more frequently. Innovative shifts in prize distribution have provided players with more meaningful prizes and they are [...]

Shifting Strategy: Synergy Between Product & Advertising: Carlos Rodriguez (Connecticut Lottery)2020-02-18T12:03:12-05:00
3 12, 2019

Families Matter: Mike Purcell (Kentucky Lottery)


Mike Purcell, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Kentucky Lottery Corp. (KLC), focused on why “Families Matter.” He discussed how scratch sales can be maximized through the use of the “family of games” strategy. This included examples of three non-family games launches versus three family games launches in comparable time frames. He also showed examples [...]

Families Matter: Mike Purcell (Kentucky Lottery)2020-02-18T12:04:33-05:00
3 12, 2019

The Big Spin: Tamara Dawson (WCLC)


Tamara Dawson, Advertising Director, Lottery Games, Western Canada Lottery Corp. (WCLC), discussed the Big $pin, which is a $5 instant ticket which includes a spin prize. Launched in March 2018, the game was patterned after Ontario Lottery & Gaming’s pioneering game. The value of the spin prize is revealed when players validate their ticket at [...]

The Big Spin: Tamara Dawson (WCLC)2020-02-18T12:05:03-05:00
3 12, 2019

Prizes Remaining Advertising: Christian Hawley (Colorado Lottery) & Shea Tullos (Cactus)


Christian Hawley, Colorado Lottery’s Advertising & Marketing Director, and Shea Tullos, Cactus’ Creative Director, co-presented the lottery’s Prizes Remaining scratcher advertising campaigns. In an effort to help the Colorado Lottery boost Scratch sales in prior years, the Lottery’s product team in conjunction with Cactus Communications developed several marketing campaigns focusing on the top prizes remaining [...]

Prizes Remaining Advertising: Christian Hawley (Colorado Lottery) & Shea Tullos (Cactus)2020-02-18T12:09:14-05:00
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