3 12, 2019

Lottery Marketing Director Panel


Day 2 of the program launched with the Lottery Marketing Director panel. Panelists were quizzed on fiscal sales performance as well as new initiatives. ARIZONA: “We are looking at everything,” said Chris Rogers, Deputy Director, Marketing & Products, Arizona Lottery. “We have retail expansion with Walmart and CVS, for example. On the product side, we [...]

Lottery Marketing Director Panel2020-02-18T12:10:27-05:00
3 12, 2019

Kentucky Proud: Tom Delacenserie (Kentucky Lottery)


Delacenserie presented “Kentucky Proud.” After assuming the leadership role at Kentucky Lottery Corp., Delacenserie was struck by how often he saw some form of “Kentucky Pride” in various logos around the state. As he began evaluating everything being done at KLC, he said it was “obvious we had an opportunity to make ‘Kentucky Pride’ part [...]

Kentucky Proud: Tom Delacenserie (Kentucky Lottery)2020-02-18T12:08:29-05:00
3 12, 2019

Shifting Strategy: Synergy Between Product & Advertising: Carlos Rodriguez (Connecticut Lottery)


Carlos Rodriguez, Director, Lottery Games, Connecticut Lottery Corp. (CLC), presented “Shifting Strategy: Synergy Between Product & Advertising.” Fiscal 2020 brought change to CLC’s instant strategy. “We started adjusting ticket print runs for faster selling cycles, freshening the portfolio more frequently. Innovative shifts in prize distribution have provided players with more meaningful prizes and they are [...]

Shifting Strategy: Synergy Between Product & Advertising: Carlos Rodriguez (Connecticut Lottery)2020-02-18T12:03:12-05:00
3 12, 2019

Prizes Remaining Advertising: Christian Hawley (Colorado Lottery) & Shea Tullos (Cactus)


Christian Hawley, Colorado Lottery’s Advertising & Marketing Director, and Shea Tullos, Cactus’ Creative Director, co-presented the lottery’s Prizes Remaining scratcher advertising campaigns. In an effort to help the Colorado Lottery boost Scratch sales in prior years, the Lottery’s product team in conjunction with Cactus Communications developed several marketing campaigns focusing on the top prizes remaining [...]

Prizes Remaining Advertising: Christian Hawley (Colorado Lottery) & Shea Tullos (Cactus)2020-02-18T12:09:14-05:00
3 12, 2019

Play On: Tom Seaver (Colorado Lottery)


Colorado Lottery Director Tom Seaver presented “Play On—Getting Our Brand Under Our Fingernails.” On October 19, 2019, the Colorado Lottery sponsored a first-ever community cleanup of the Arkansas River through 7.6 miles of Pueblo, Colorado. Working with partners from the Sierra Club, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Pueblo Parks and Recreation and volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, [...]

Play On: Tom Seaver (Colorado Lottery)2020-02-18T14:10:20-05:00
3 12, 2019

2019 Beneficiary Campaign: Kim Welsch (Wisconsin Lottery)


Kim Welsch, Marketing Specialist, Wisconsin Lottery, described how a new beneficiary TV ad campaign is helping to educate residents on “ALL the benefits of the lottery, from property tax relief for homeowners to prize dollars put back into the communities to local retailers earning their commissions,” said Welsch. “To help make it genuine and relatable, [...]

2019 Beneficiary Campaign: Kim Welsch (Wisconsin Lottery)2020-02-18T14:06:50-05:00
3 12, 2019

Arizona Storytellers: Chris Rogers (Arizona Lottery)


Chris Rogers, Deputy Director, Marketing & Products, Arizona Lottery focused on its Arizona Storytellers program which it contracts with the USA Today-owned “Arizona Storytellers Project.” “Using live events and powerful videos, we help Arizonans better understand the Lottery’s impact in their lives,” said Rogers. “Audiences perceive these as earned media that does not feel like [...]

Arizona Storytellers: Chris Rogers (Arizona Lottery)2020-02-18T12:24:52-05:00
3 12, 2019

Driving Brand Engagement & Affinity: Amber Seale (Florida Lottery)


Amber Seale, Chief of Brand Management, Florida Lottery presented “Driving Brand Engagement & Affinity.” Seale discussed “how we leverage three core pillars: Play (the fun of playing our games), Education (our beneficiaries) and Responsible Gaming (educating players on how to play within their means, and no underage play) . . . and how the focus [...]

Driving Brand Engagement & Affinity: Amber Seale (Florida Lottery)2020-02-18T12:24:16-05:00
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