3 12, 2019

Retail Trends Lottery Director Panel


PANELISTS - Bishop Woosley, Director, Arkansas Lottery - Drew Svitko, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Lottery - Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery - Tom Delacenserie, President & CEO, Kentucky Lottery Corp. - Moderator: Byron La Fleur, Associate Publisher, La Fleur’s Magazine In the Retail Trends Panel, the focus turned to what problems lotteries and their vendors [...]

Retail Trends Lottery Director Panel2020-02-18T12:02:13-05:00
3 12, 2019

MobilePlay: Lindsay Yowell, Virginia Lottery


Lindsay Yowell, Digital Customer Acquisition Manager, Virginia Lottery discussed the multi-phase launch of MobilePlay, which is a mobile, retail-tethered gaming solution. “MobilePlay essentially turns a player’s phone into a lottery self-service device and offers new digital games (e-games) when the player is at retail,” explained Yowell. “In just under a year, the Lottery went from [...]

MobilePlay: Lindsay Yowell, Virginia Lottery2020-02-18T12:07:34-05:00
20 05, 2019

Blackhawk Networks Presentation – Richard Gotlieb


Richard Gotlieb, VP & GM, Lottery & Gaming, Blackhawk Network presented “Blackhawk Network’s Lottery Category.” “Blackhawk Networks is uniquely positioned to make inlane lottery a success. This is a massive opportunity for incremental lottery sales through Blackhawk. We offer a full suite of products that are optimized for both consumers and retailers.” said Gotlieb. Blackhawk [...]

Blackhawk Networks Presentation – Richard Gotlieb2019-06-03T17:21:10-04:00
20 05, 2019

Download Presentation – Retail Disruption Art Kiuttu, Lazlo 326


Art Kiuttu, SVP, Lottery & Gaming Solutions, Lazlo 326 presented “Retail Disruption.” Today’s lottery brick & mortar retailers are rapidly evolving as advancements in technology is driving disruption. Grocery store and convenience store retailers are seeking ways to improve the customer experience and reduce operating costs. Retailers are investing millions of dollars into mobile, digital [...]

Download Presentation – Retail Disruption Art Kiuttu, Lazlo 3262019-06-03T17:19:18-04:00
20 05, 2019

Nuts and Bolts of Retailer Inlane Integration – Ryan Mindell, Texas Lottery


The last presentation of the day examined inlane. Ryan Mindell, Lottery Operations Director, Texas Lottery presented lessons learned from the Texas Lottery’s path to inlane integration. The presentation included an overview of why it makes sense for lotteries to focus on inlane draw sales and different considerations for implementing inlane. “There is a gap between [...]

Nuts and Bolts of Retailer Inlane Integration – Ryan Mindell, Texas Lottery2019-06-03T17:17:42-04:00
20 05, 2019

InComm Presentation Revitalizing Lottery at Retail- Mark Smith, InComm


Mark Smith, VP, Sales & Marketing, InComm presented “Inlane Innovation & Quick Ticket The Journey So Far.” “InComm has closed the acquisition of Linq3. In doing so, InComm inherited Linq3’s team, mix and lottery contracts as well as IP for sports. InComm has over 850 brand partners such as a Google and Amazon. That is [...]

InComm Presentation Revitalizing Lottery at Retail- Mark Smith, InComm2019-06-03T17:19:02-04:00
20 05, 2019

IGT Presentation: ChainLink+ – Tom Stanek, IGT


Tom Stanek, Head of Global Lottery Retail Sales, IGT presented “ChainLink+: National Chain Account Relationships.” As the retail universe continues to evolve, IGT is uniquely positioned to assist the industry in elevating lottery products and brands with major chain accounts. IGT is accountable for developing business with new and existing chains for many lotteries, such [...]

IGT Presentation: ChainLink+ – Tom Stanek, IGT2019-06-03T17:14:06-04:00
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