6 03, 2019

Virginia Governor Signs Anonymity Bill into Law


Virginia Lottery players who win a jackpot over $10 million or higher will now be able to protect their identity if they should choose when they are announced as a winner. The law goes into effect on July 1st. Virginia joins eight other states which have official lottery player anonymity laws: Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, [...]

Virginia Governor Signs Anonymity Bill into Law2019-03-06T09:04:47-05:00
27 02, 2019

Virginia General Assembly Passes Casino Bill; Lottery Board to Oversee


The Virginia General Assembly passed casino legislation Saturday night. The Governor still has to sign the bill. Casino gaming would be regulated by the Virginia Lottery. Casinos would be allowed only in certain cities outlined in the bill. Furthermore, there would need to be a local vote to allow the casino within the city's jurisdiction. [...]

Virginia General Assembly Passes Casino Bill; Lottery Board to Oversee2019-02-28T10:19:45-05:00
22 02, 2019

Virginia Lottery Introduces Alexa App


The Virginia Lottery launched its new Alexa skill in December. The application was programmed by COLAB, based in Richmond, Virginia. La Fleur’s interviewed COLAB President Eddie O’Leary on the rationale for giving the Virginia Lottery a new voice by harnessing a voice-activated smart speaker. “Customers are choosing to [...]

Virginia Lottery Introduces Alexa App2019-02-25T09:50:52-05:00
19 11, 2018

The Future of Payments


By Byron La Fleur The last massive cash-only industry in the U.S. is transitioning into accepting cashless payments. The Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio and Virginia lotteries, among others, are leading the charge to accept new forms of payments, including debit and credit cards. They are purchasing new terminals, retrofitting old self-service machines, and spending time [...]

The Future of Payments2018-11-21T09:19:46-05:00