Bulletproof, a GLI company, recently evaluated Szrek2Solutions’ RNG solution, Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™. The final report ‘Independent Review of Security and Non-repudiation of the Szrek2Solutions Electronic Draw System (EDS)’ validated Szrek’s RNG draw solution as meeting or exceeding the best practices by providing conclusive auditability and proof of integrity.

To quote from the executive summary of the report:

“The assessed electronic draw system, Trusted Draw, utilizes cryptographic hardware and algorithms in its methodology to provide proof of integrity through non-repudiation in the generation of random numbers [italics added for emphasis by Szrek2Solutions]. It creates unpredictable, unmodifiable data which is independently verifiable. Hardware as well as software faults and attacks against the RNG and its components are conclusively detectable.

The use of the independent Trusted Audit system completes the chain of trust in random number generation through validation and independent audit of the draw results. It verifies the seed for the random number generation and the supplied result data. Then it recreates the draw results and thus provides conclusive proof of integrity and non-repudiation in the random number and draw result generation process. “

What are the key integrity factors?

“The capability to detect hardware faults, software problems and fraud attempts, and to reproduce or verify the draw results, are key integrity factors in the Szrek2Solutions EDS. In Bulletproof’s experience, primarily protective security measures have been the focus in EDS solutions in the industry so far, lacking reproducibility and conclusive verifiability of the draw results.”

Bulletproof concluded its evaluation report:

“Transparency in the EDS and RNG process through auditability, proof of integrity by non-repudiation and effective fraud prevention and detection are the current key industry security and integrity best practices for electronic draw systems. Bulletproof concludes that the assessed Szrek2Solutions Trusted Draw and Trusted Audit system provides conclusive auditability and proof of integrity and thus meets or exceeds the current industry best practices for EDS and RNG technology and all relevant security standard requirements at the current time.”

The Szrek2Solutions’ RNG has been certified by several independent U.S. and international labs and deployed successfully since 2005 by numerous lottery operators and state licensed lotteries in the world. Customers include IGT Global Solutions; Texas Lottery, Oregon Lottery, and Iowa Lottery in the United States; Scientific Games International in Austria; ONCE in Spain; Lottomatica and Sisal in Italy; Loterie Nationale in Luxembourg; and Ithuba in South Africa.

In addition to Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™, Szrek2Solutions’ Product Suite includes Trusted Play™, a high performance RNG server for generating outcomes for e-instant games and multiplayer games, Trusted Transactions™ for securing lottery transactions, and Trusted Ticket™ for authenticating lottery tickets. Headquartered in Rhode Island (USA), with a European office in Portugal, Szrek offers reliable RNG product implementation, deployment, and support.