Andrew Leeper, Brand Strategy Coordinator, Texas Lottery presented “LUCK HAPPENS: A Case Study in the Art of Scrappiness.”

In 2017, the Texas legislature reduced the Texas Lottery ad budget by 23% from $32 million to $26.4 million. This was a huge challenge considering that the Texas Lottery was already ranked 39th out of 45 U.S. Lotteries in ad budget per capita.

“With record sales goals to beat, the Texas Lottery had to really get scrappy and find creative ways to stretch the advertising budget to make sure every ad dollar was working as hard as possible,” stressed Leeper. Using a holistic approach, the Texas Lottery team developed a synergistic strategy across all platforms that built equity with every interaction and engagement. This new approach emphasized not only efficiency, but impactful creative messaging that resonated with consumers key motivations for playing lottery.

Link to Powerpoint:

Texas Lottery_Andrew Leeper