Bill Lee is the new Governor of Tennessee. He was successful as he ran on a platform to increase Vocational and Tech education in high schools.  These programs would enlist the aid of companies to offer internships and on the job training as well as include dual credit courses taught at the local colleges.  This program is important to kids who do not have the interest in pursuing a college education but want to learn a trade that will enable them to take care of themselves and their families in the future.

The cost for the program has not been calculated fully but the Governor’s plan is to pay for it utilizing Tennessee’s Education Lottery Funds.  These funds are used to pay for education initiatives throughout the state.

This could help kids coming out of high school get higher paying jobs and support themselves as these types of careers are in high demand.  Ultimately, the legislature will make the decision on whether this program moves forward but if the funds are there and the businesses in Tennessee step up and offer the on the job training, this is a win for the state and the youth of Tennessee.