Brad Burlingame, Senior Director, Corporate Partnership Sales, Dallas Cowboys Football Club/Legends Global Sales, presented “Toyota Music Factory.”
This venue is located in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth. The annual entertainment budget is $7 million. There will be “100 events annually, 60 music concerts per year, and 25 restaurants,” explained Burlingame. “The Texas Lottery Plaza is made up of five restaurants. There will be a stage set up to be programmed 365 days a year.”
Music is the #1 most important medium in people’s lives over TV, sports and movies—96% call concerts a memorable experience, 93% of people listen to music weekly, 76% say concerts make them feel ‘alive’ and 75% see concerts as a ‘great way to socialize with friends.’
The Texas Lottery Plaza will create shareable moments. Burlingame said “44% tweet about a concert they are attending, 72% took photos or videos at the concert and posted them online, 58% post multiple photos and videos and 72% shared their experience on Facebook.”
The handle is #luckhappens which is an authentic brand promise at the Texas Lottery Plaza. For example, the lottery can take a consumer and upgrade them to the Texas Lottery VIP seats. “We have a few other promotions, but this concept puts it into a context and represents it in a nutshell,” Burlingame concluded.