Georgia Lottery Corp. President & CEO Debbie Alford presented the Mega Millions update.
On October 28, U.S. lotteries introduced Mega Millions game changes. “We charged our product development with meeting all of our objectives,” said Alford. “Now no jackpot will be below $40 million.” The result is a new 5/70 + 1/25 matrix and a $2 price point.
The early look at $2 Mega Millions sales shows an increase ranging from 11.3% to 18.9% (draws 5-8).
The revamped bloc game also features the new “Just the Jackpot” (JTJ). For $3, a player will receive two quick pick plays eligible for the jackpot prize only. No other prize levels are awarded.
Georgia Lottery Corp. also created a campaign that shows the extent of what’s possible when you win $40 million. “We created Aunt Edith, a normal elderly woman with an abnormal dream: to become the newest, oldest face in hip hop,” said Alford.
In the interactive break, players’ reactions were examined. “It’s early but after four draws we’re seeing 65% of the $1 players have converted over and are buying it at the $2 price point,” said Robert Tirloni, Products Manager, Texas Lottery. “We consider that a win and we’re very happy with those results out of the gate.”
Alford noted that “the national average is about 15.7% after four rolls but that varies between the states.”