Andrew Leeper, Brand Strategy Coordinator for Texas Lottery, presented “Passion Point Marketing.”
In today’s market, ever-decreasing attention spans make connecting and resonating with consumers tougher than ever. His presentation showed how a lottery can leverage consumer passions to keep its brand relevant and engaged for the long run.
“Passion is a huge motivator. More marketers are trying to tap into a passion to engage at a much deeper level then some passive engagement we have tried in the past,” said Leeper. “Sports and music are two of the ways we try to engage. Sports has geographic issues. Music has a much broader appeal, but it skews younger.”
The Texas Lottery creates lucky moments. “Music events are already spontaneous. As an industry, we need to build those lucky moments. With the Music Factory, we have luck happen for every concert . . . they could get upgraded to VIP. We have to amplify the emotion,” said Leeper.
For example, the Texas Lottery shares the spotlight and recognizes a local hero. “Teachers can get nominated for season tickets. It’s a great feel good story and it amplifies the beneficiaries,” said Leeper.