Adam Caughill, Director, Lottery Business Development, Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG), discussed “Converting the Sale In-Lane.”
OLG inaugurated its QuickTickets pilot program at Metro and Food Basics in 2017; it is testing selling in-lane with a preprinted ticket for Lotto 649 and LottoMAX.
“The reason selling in-lane would be big for us is C$1.45 billion in sales—30% come from lotto games,” said Caughill. “But our distribution of sales is reliant on convenience and gas (77%). That’s not how people are defining convenience.”
OLG has no self-serve or vending machines so in-lane is a huge opportunity. “What if we could replace printers by activating a dead piece of paper. It wouldn’t have numbers on it. Less than 20% of players look at the numbers on their ticket,” said Caughill.
The numbers can be found by asking it to be scanned at retailers, or they can find them on an internet portal or OLG app. “QuickTickets is performing strongly on key metrics: comprehension, reliability and purchase intent,” he concluded.