IGT presented “iLottery: Driving Big Results.” Jason Barrs, Senior Director, iLottery Product Marketing at IGT, examined the interactive evolution.
“The ready set moment was in 2011 when the Department of Justice gave a written opinion that lottery was legal at the federal level,” said Barrs.
Online sales opened the door to one connected experience. Lotteries moved from anonymous players who used their marketing website and convenience mobile apps to one connected experience.
“At $300 million, players start to think differently. This is when you can cross promote,” said Barrs.
There is a 10% increase after the jackpot rollup. “The player database registration soars during a jackpot and then has a halo effect after,” he said.
Barrs showed graphs illustrating the spike in online sales after Powerball jackpot levels topped $300 million. Sales begin increasing from existing players and some new players.
“Sales escalate mirroring the jackpot,” he said. “New digital players acquired. After the jackpot hits, digital sales reset at a higher level. New player registrations soars to +600% daily average. For digital Powerball sales, the relationship and impact is even greater. New player registrations remained heightened after the jackpot.”
The big opportunity in the digital journey is to further player engagement through second-chance programs, CRM and rewards.
“Fundamental for driving growth. You fall short. What can you do? Cross promote different scratch tickets, whether that be new tickets, second chance, reveal on a digital platform. We have to be where the players are, and we know they’re on their phone. We need to provide them things they don’t even realize they need,” he ended.