INTRALOT, Inc. presented “Lotteries & Monitoring Projects.” INTRALOT Corporate Marketing Manager Fivi Rondiri discussed two case studies for U.S. jurisdictions using INTRALOT’s.
“There are a lot of benefits with central monitoring systems (CMS). The CMS is constantly looking at all systems. It collects data. It can generate alerts, and it can disable a machine automatically if there is a breach,” said Fondiri. “I want to give you some examples of the U.S. market. iGEM is the INTRALOT-branded system.”
Benefits also include: accuracy of information (reliable revenue and tax information), performance across all gaming network, satisfaction with regulation of gaming, security, operational costs (real time data) and time spent on processing (manual tasks).”
INTRALOT started providing VLT monitoring services in 2011 to the Ohio Lottery. The system provides real time reporting and comprehensive accounting and invoicing for 11,000 VLTs operating at seven racinos. The annual gross revenue has grown 112% since 2014.
INTRALOT also provides its SAS system for Georgia Lottery’s COAM program. “INTRALOT was awarded the [CMS] contract in 2014. Georgia had an RFP and INTRALOT won the contract with a perfect score,” said Rondiri.
In 2014, no regulation were in place to monitor 22,500 COAMs at 4,500 retailers. “This is a different study, when you have a monitor system. It doesn’t have to be for VLTs. It could be for the coin operating amusement machine (COAM). It looks like a VLT but it’s not,” said Rondiri.
Since 2015, there has been a 72% increase in annual gross revenue and a 15% increase in average net win in Georgia’s COAM program.