Scientific Games presented “Tech Trends to Drive Engagement.”
“Scientific Games and their customers have been at the forefront of leading technology trends,” said Amy Hill, VP, Digital Content Studio, Scientific Games. “By leveraging today’s relevant solutions they engage players, deliver convenience in the purchase process, keep it local and personal, and connect them together with effective tools and data-driven decisions.”
Scientific Games can drive more engagement through gamification. A new offering called Skill-With-Reveal Interactive Games is part of their solution. It allows second-chance drawings to have a skill component.
“We still follow all the rules where a player gets a predetermined outcome for a second chance outcome but we let them have skill. We want them to compete with their friends and do all the things they could do with the casual game,” Hill said. “The cool thing about the lottery space when you have a product like this is we can answer why would someone play our casual game versus Candy Crush. We have the benefit of giving away money.”
Hill pointed to the importance of loyalty clubs to drive engagement. Scientific Games has launched 14 different loyalty clubs. They used this knowledge to develop their next generation for loyalty in this space, adding gamification and bonusing. “Players now get to win, not just earn,” she said.
Hill also touched on the importance of cashless payment options to drive engagement. “We’ve done a lot with cashless for lottery. Cashless payments result in baskets with a wider variety of games than cash payments. Basket analysis shows players spend a small, yet significant amount more when paying with cashless payments,” she said.