Tom Seaver, Director, Colorado Lottery presented “Play On, Colorado.” With 64% of Coloradoans using local parks, trails and open spaces every week, it makes sense to publicize how Colorado Lottery profits benefits Great Outdoors Colorado, Conservation Trust Fund and Colorado parks and wildlife.

“One of the most common pieces of common knowledge in the lottery business is that people aren’t motivated to play based on the knowledge that the money raised is going to a good cause. This presentation doesn’t attempt to refute that belief,” said Seaver.

“However, as Coloradans see our natural land and open space gobbled up by development and pressured by extraordinary in-migration, the importance of being part of the solution elevates the dialogue,” said Seaver. “The Colorado Lottery is using technology and closer cooperation with our beneficiaries to position our brand closer to the identity of the state, and the people who live here,” he added.

He then shared some of the initiatives, and what the lottery hopes to accomplish. “And, as our research continues to suggest, any reminder of the Lottery brand, or our games, tends to generate sales,” said Seaver. “So building a positive association with our brand may not just make people feel better—it might put an asterisk by what lotteries already ‘know’ about proceeds marketing.”

Link to Powerpoint:

Colorado Lottery_Tom Seaver