INTRALOT presented “Find Your Pulse: Using CRM Solutions to Build a Sustainable Lottery Business.” Kylie Reagan, Idaho Marketing Manager at INTRALOT, described CRM as a pillar of lottery modernization.

Player Pulse is INTRALOT’s cutting-edge gaming CRM platform that bridges online gaming with the in-store customer experience, maximizing player engagement. “It is important for the lotteries to cut through clutter,” said Reagan. “This is accomplished through CRM solutions. Our program measures customer satisfaction. The focus on retailer empowerment helps lotteries maintain sustainability. It is a source of competitive advantage.”

CRM fulfills two basic objectives. It provides customer insights and two-way communications. “CRM discovers player preference. This is especially true in jurisdictions without iLottery. This educates the whole ecosystem,” she said. “CRM adds lifetime value to your customers. Based on segments, you can trigger promotions. This allows customized offers to particular segments. CRM allows you to award your loyal customers.

INTRALOT Retailer Pulse is a CRM platform designed to empower and motivate retailers, leverage technology and increase revenues while reducing operating costs.
“Retail Pulse helps retailers be a part of our brand by engaging the retailer. How great would it be to have a Retailer’s Club to include them in the promotions we do? CRM gives the retailer a voice,” said Reagan.

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