Christian Teja, Director, Communications, Massachusetts Lottery spotlights its success with its limited edition “$50, $100 and $500 Blowout” instant ticket.

Teja said the lottery has been exploring the concept of a $10 game with no high-tier grand prizes for several years. “Market research indicated that similar concepts had proven to be successful for other lotteries,” he said. “It is a dramatic departure from prize structures that have proven to be so popular among our player base for decades (most current lottery $10 instant tickets offer grand prizes of both $4 million and $1 million.”

The lottery presented two different prize options ($50 and $100) and ($50, $100 and $500) to focus group. “Participants demonstrated strong attraction to enhanced excitement a $500 prize would add,” said Teja. It also satisfied core players.

This ticket ranked highest of any of the lottery’s $10 games in over 10 years. It had an index of 179. All books of tickets were out of the warehouse eight weeks after launch.

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Massachusetts Lottery_Christian Teja