There were four BakeOff case studies presented at the interactive workshop on Thursday, December 6.

ALC’s LeBlanc Steeves examined Dynamic Pricing. “From craft brew pubs to Ubers to airlines to concert tickets, the price fluctuates based on their value in the moment,” she said. “Prices rise and drop in reaction to customer demand… or is it a ruse to influence consumer behavior? How might we apply dynamic pricing to lottery?”

She proposed a twice-weekly lottery draw with jackpots averaging $10-$50+ million. “Currently $5 for ticket and $1 per spiel (Twist & Tag),” she said.

Texas Lottery Scratch Ticket Coordinator Dale Bowersock presented “Mystery Game BakeOff Case Study.”

“Capitalizing on the success of the popular Amazon Mystery Boxes, a scratch ticket game would be created using a pop-open game design. The ticket design would be created with a generic design element on the front panel. When opened, it would reveal a random game.  The game would have multiple prize structures and the structure used would be dependent upon the design revealed.  Programming and the vast number of scenes required to create the mystery would be the primary challenges,” he said.

Texas Lottery Draw Game Coordinator Julie Terrell presented “BBQ Bucks BakeOff Case Study.”

Her presentation focused on adding a player experience to draw game promotions using the mobile app. “The BBQ Bucks promotion will help drive sales for the new Cash Five game and also encourage Cash Five players to use the app to generate their Cash Five game play.  Currently this draw game player uses the Texas Lottery mobile app the least.  Players will experience the new game play of Cash Five and be rewarded with fun prizes as a bonus,” said Terrell.

Digital Relativity’s Strader examined Offline Attribution. He used examples for Factual, Oracle, AdSquare and Placed.