Camelot Global (now rebranded as Camelot Lottery Solutions) presented “Lottery 3.0: Unlocking Sustainable Growth.”Adam Barry, Camelot Global’s VP, Sales Operations, examined player engagement in a digital world.

Barry said there are three things to think about: What do we know about our customers. What is our ability to mine the data? How do we create actionable results to drive performance?

He examined the industry’s three stages of growth. In Lottery 1.0. (1985-2000), the number of lotteries doubled as well as the retailers. “The players got an increase in convenience and awareness. It was brick and mortar. Communication was one-to-many and anonymous. Internet penetration went from 10% to 44%,” said Barry.
In Lottery 2.0 (2001-2015), “sales increase but profits do not keep pace,” said Barry. “Communications is one-to- segments.” U.S. Internet penetration can be tracked. The first iPhone is introduced in 2007.

Finally, Lottery 3.0 (2016-2030) heralds a new era of player engagement—digital and retail. The three key elements are data and intelligence, player and game management and marketing. U.S. iLottery as a percentage of total sales is less than 10%.

“Digital data ethics will become vital. Responsible use of data and growth in brand will be the balance,” he said.

Barry stressed the consumer automatically expects to conduct transactions online. Currently, Camelot UK derives 30% of its total revenue from digital.

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