NeoPollard Interactive (NPI) presented “The Big Data Behind Big Jackpots.” According to Julin Shaw, NPI’s Director, Marketing, big jackpots are the best way to get first-time players.
“There was a ton of data that came in from the recent jackpot runups. That fuels the player funnel for first-timers,” said Shaw.
The three steps in the player journey are acquisition, conversion and retention. “Media mentions is one of the ways we get acquisition. The jackpot drove mentions by 500%,” said Shaw. “That gets them to conversion and funding. That gets them to retention, which we accomplish through content.”
Conversion is measured by registered players, repeat players and actual depositors.
Equally important is understanding your players. Key insight one: Jackpots acquire new, younger players. “We learned that jackpots attract new, young and mobile players, and lead to cross purchases. It turns out that players play what is on your home site. Players spend more money during jackpots,” she said.
Key insight two: Jackpots drive cross play. Shaw said jackpots drive draw based game and eInstant cross play.
Key insights three and four focused on the power of the portal and how lotteries can maximize participation. Players spend more dollars during jackpots. Combos increase revenue. Shaw described how to apply lessons learned to retail. “Entice the younger player. “Millennials love coupons,” said Shaw. “Apparently bargains never go out of style.”